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Private tours

Slow tourism

Tailored experiences

A different concept

Personal Tour is a service designed from a different tourism concept: a customised, personal experience where the main purpose is to discover and enjoy yourself with all your senses, at your own pace and free from the stressful schedules of mass tours. Personal Tour’s tailor-made trips will not only let you design a bespoke tour based on your tastes and interests, but you will also have the possibility to get to impressive spots that remain unknown and/or cannot be accessed by bus or with mass tours.

Besides, Personal Tour also embraces the so-called Slow Tourism, a form of relaxed, sustainable and environmentally-friendly tourism. A concept that understands tourism as a form of leisure in close contact with nature, history and traditions, intended to let you enjoy yourself, feel, learn and become a traveller instead of a tourist.

The tour offer has been prepared with the aim to show a real but scarcely known image of Gran Canaria: learn its history, with the island acting as a between Europe, Africa and America, taste its excellent wines, highly recognised by international awards but almost unknown to the markets, and embark on customised tours to discover the intensity of the flavours of an island that offers much more than what travel books will tell.

With Personal Tour, experience, explore and enjoy Gran Canaria!!!