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Paseo por el barrio de Vegueta

The Old Quarter

Streets full of secrets and legends

The British Quarter

Discover about the British influence

The Canarian garden

Over 1000 plants and trees

"The Conquest, the Columbus stop, the Corsair attacks... a story worthy of a movie"
Marc Llorens

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Over 1000 plants and trees
Las Palmas market with its amazing tropical fruits
Las Palmas market with its amazing tropical fruits
Las Palmas tour
The model square for America
Colonial style with courtyards and wooden balconies
Bandama Volcano photostop.
The Bandama Caldera
Uncover anecdotes and secrets

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 This was the first city created by the Spanish Monarchs in the Atlantic Ocean and its main square (Plaza Santa Ana) was taken as a model for the new main squares in America. Discover its fascinating history from the Conquest passing through the corsair attacks or the Cristopher Columbus stops (museum visit optional). Discover also its rich architecture from gothic, passing through renaissance, neoclassic and even modernism.

 It is a must to stop and be amazed by all the tropical fruits grown in the volcanic soil of the island. A nice place to have a real coffee from our Agaete Valley plantation, a Canarian cup of wine or some jamón ibérico.

The trade between England and Gran Canaria was very fluent from the XVI century with sugar, wine and afterwards tomatoes and bananas. At the end of the XIX century British families settled in front of the new port and played a very important role to develop the island economy. We will see the area, the British style houses and the British Club.

An awesome crater created by the last volcano eruption 2000 years ago. Enjoy the views and see the volcanic ashes which provide minerality and fertility to the soil. Flemish Daniel Van Damme used to grow the vines inside the basin and still today all the volcano surrounding area is planted with vineyards.

With your guide, learn how the first canarios used the native plants. Gran Canaria offers a myriad of microclimates which allows a huge variety of flora: over 500 Canarian species, but also over 1000 which were introduced from America, Asia or Africa. Walk in the laurel forest, the original forest there was in Europe before the last ice age.

From: 4 hours (5 with the Canarian Garden)

The private tour includes: private transportation from your lodging, official tour guide, Civil liability insurance, Columbus Museum tickets and sale taxes.